Manu Desai (b.1959) studied at School of Architecture, CEPT Ahmedabad. He founded the studio in 1983. In initial years, he collaborated on selected projects with other graduates of the same school. His keen interest has been social housing and institutions since the formative years of his learnings of Architecture at CEPT. His research interest has been the development of housing types in the city of Ahmedabad and its response to the collective and individual house from the student years.


Christopher Benninger 1979/ Jitendra Mistry 1983 / Anant D. Raje 1984 / A.V.Joshi 1986


Council Of Architecture, India / Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation / Indian Institute of Architects

Collaborators over the years

Kandarp Bhatt                Architect
Mahesh Patel                  Architect
Chandragupta Shah       Architect
Shital Shah                       Interior & Furniture Designer
Parush Gandhi                Architect
Harsh Desai                     Architect & Interior Designer
Bhuvan Desai                  Civil Engineer & Construction Management

Civil Draftsmen

Premji Vaghela
Vinod Shah
Mr. Gopi
Falgun Makwana
Naisadh Gajjar
Ashok Patel
Vipul Desai



Harsh Patel
Sahil Punia
Sunil Tanvar
Ms. Abhilasha
Savan Panchal
Keerthi Shanigarapu