Manayan Architects was founded by Manu Desai in 1984. The Studio is a multidisciplinary practice which provides professional services in Architecture, Interior, Urban Design and Product Design. The studio’s approach to the built environment is grounded in the search for contextually appropriate designs. Response to local condition, climate and culture have driven the design process of the studio over the past thirty years since its inception. We believe that efficient and minimum is a better way to design. Recognition of what exists leads to a more sensitive design than what can be.

The practice indulges into designs that are process-based than concepts. Each design starts from the most basic diagram of shelter and evolves into modern typologies of what it requires to be, keeping the sense of the core principal of design being a Shelter; Shelter from Sun and rain. Manayan Architects has worked on various scales of projects like Institution, housing, offices, factories & residences.